Tradeshow Exhibit – Medical Lab products

How to organize, prioritize and show products in the booth?

Case study – Sakura

* placement of 15-20 various size medical lab equipment (all powered up), some are floor models and some need to be on counters
* how to deal with backsides of the machines and power cords
* traffic flow of the booth

* Simple tension SEG fabric wall structures (Moss Construct)
- 120mm extrusion allowed cords to travel in between tension fabric panels
- shear fabric canopies gives feeling of privacy and allow track lighting to illuminate the products
* modern/simple custom designed storage and display cabinets
* simple graphics by just using their logo and logo elements to focus on their brand
* custom hanging light elements to add more custom elements

design by kimmodesign


Business Interior Improvements


Businesses and brands are changing, updating and re-focusing today faster than ever. This is also reflecting how we see particular companies’ physical space and electronic presence.

kimmodesign was a part of a collaborative group that helped a leading technology company, Belden Inc., to update their facilities to reflect its global position.
Let’s start from the beginning with the old Indianapolis facility:

Few process images.

And below are the Glamor shots.